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SRCφ3000mm Pebble Pipe Jacking Machine

(“Wanlong 1”)

1800mm SPB Pipe Jacking Machine to Thailand !

On 24th ,Aug 2018 , the fifth 1800mm SPB Pipe Jacking Machine is finished on time and on the way to Thailand sucessfuly

Welcome Italy,Poland customer to Tangxing

Italy ,Poland customer visit to Tangxing on 24th Aug 2018


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φ1350mm Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

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1800~2800 EPB Pipe Jacking Machine

EPB pipe jacking machine is designed for medium-coarse sand, weathered strong weathere...

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Rectangular Module

The realization of the construction on rectangular section is based on the principle...

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Φ2400 Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

Rock pipe jacking machine adopts gear transmission mechanism, large transmission torque...

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