Earth Balance Pipe Jacking Machine Series
Designed for different types of soil, it can improves excavation soil condition, low ground setting, long service life.
  • Diameter
  • Applicable Geology
    Designed for different types of soil

1. Designed for different types of soil.

2. Low speed large torque drive mechanism, strong excavation force, 2 times overload coefficient.

3. Independent water injection and grouting system improves excavation soil condition applied to different ground.

4. Low ground setting, the minimal thickness of earth covering is only 1.2 times of the pipe OD.

5. Central supported cutter, compact and lightweight, long service life, easy maintenance.

6. Screw conveyor transfers the soil in large quantity and conveyable grain size.

7. Steering angle is controlled by advanced electrical system, easy operation, quickly response, digital displayed, reliable.

8. Full section cutting, large opening rate.

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