Yuxi Water Project

  • 2022-06-30

  • operation department

Date: April 2022
Location: Chongqing
Equipment: HRC1200 rock MTBM
Jacking Distance: The pipe jacking section is 253 meters, ascent is 28 meters. Tangxing pipe jacking machines can drive up to 30 meters per day, which is the highest construction efficiency in the same bid section.
Type: Water Supply Project
Difficulties: complex geology, long distance
Significance: The Chongqing Yuxi Water Resources Allocation Project is located in the west of Chongqing. It is a major water conservancy project with the largest investment, the most extensive coverage and the largest beneficiary population in the history of Chongqing. It covers a total of 11 districts and Chongqing High-tech Zone, with a benefit area of 11,800 square kilometers, benefiting a population of nearly 10 million.





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