First Superlarge RPB in Anhui

  • 2021-08-30

  • operation department

On August 21st, the first superlarge rectangular micro tunnel boring machine in Anhui Province was launched successfully. This is another Tangxing Equipment’s masterpiece in the field of rectangular micro tunnel boring machines after the 3.5m and 4m rock micro tunnel boring machines last month.   It’s also another high-end intelligent manufacturing that has been developed by Tangxing Equipment to fill the gaps in the province.


"Dalian Road" rectangular micro tunnel boring machine weights 210 tons, an overall size of 8.22 meters × 4.52 meters, and an installed power of up to 690KW. This equipment is used in the construction project of Dalian Road (Qinghai Road-Baohe Avenue) in Luogang Central Park, Hefei City. The project is an ultra-shallow construction with complex geological conditions,  technical difficulties, and high construction risks, requiring crossing viaducts.The R&D personnel of Tangxing Equipment has adopted mature overall independent design and system integration technology, using three big and four small front and rear combination cutter head layout system, anti-back soil system, pipe jacking anti-friction mud sleeve and other system integration, which can achieve high-precision settlement control to ensure the safe, fast and efficient completion of project construction.


The successful launch of "Dalian Road" is another milestone for Tangxing Equipment to build rectangular intelligent micro tunnel boring machines, marking the improvement and leaping of Tangxing Equipment's design and manufacturing level of large cross-section rectangular micro tunnel boring machines. In the future, Tangxing Equipment will give full play to its own advantages and continue to create a series of smarter, more efficient and safer high-end intelligent micro tunnel boring machines, and make greater contributions to the development of urban infrastructure.



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