Xiaoshan-Yiwu Pipeline Project

  • 2021-08-10

  • operation department

Date: May 2021

Project Name: Shanghai-Kunming Expressway G60 Pipe Jacking Crossing Project of Xiaoshan-Yiwu Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Equipment: HRC2000

Soil Condition: 20m of (Strongly weathered) clay layer, 80m of moderately weathered rock, 80m of slightly weathered rock (mainly basalt, with granite crystal stones locally) and 2.5m of strongly weathered rock.

Jacking Distance and Jacking Section: 182.5 meters


  1. This section is the first rock pipe jacking machine of our company in Yiwu.
  2. The customer used equipment from other companies before, and there was no external water supply, which caused the pipe to be locked. After purchasing our equipment, it went through smoothly.
  3. Two trainees from Tangxing Training School manage the project.

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