Tianjin Metro Line 4 Project

  • 2021-08-10

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Date: April 2021

Project Name: Cross-street Passage Project of Civil Aviation University Station on Tianjin Metro Line 4

Equipment: 4200*6900 rectangular pipe jacking machine


1 Cross the running sewage pipe, the distance between the bottom of the pipe and the top of the rectangular pipe is less than 3 meters

2 Pass through the running aviation fuel pipe;

3 Crossing the running expressway;

4 The groundwater is large, and the jacking operation is carried out with water;

5 The maximum propulsion pressure is 1,100 tons;

6 The hole exit error is up and down 1CM;

7 Pavement subsidence control plus or minus 5mm warning.


1 This section is our company’s first rectangular pipe jacking machine construction project in Tianjin

2 Two trainees from Tangxing Training School managed the project.

3 The benchmarking project for the extension of Metro Line 4 has reduced overall settlement.

4 Trial site of the prototype of the major special rectangular pipe jacking machine in Anhui Province

5 Investigation site of the Anhui Province Unveiling Project

6  Construction inspection site of the "115" team in Anhui Province

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