The First 4m HRC with Changer

  • 2021-08-02

  • h

On the morning of July 23, the 4-meter rock pipe jacking machine "Peizhi No. 1" used in the Tangxun Lake sewage treatment pipeline project in Wuhan was completed in Tangxing Equipment Industrial Park and was ready to be put into use. The completion of this equipment is a milestone for Shanghai Juding Engineering Technology, The Second Harbor Engineering Company and Tangxing Equipment.


The total weight of the "Peizhi No. 1" pipe jacking machine is 150t, the excavation diameter is 4920mm, and the one-time excavation distance is 1500 meters, which is about to refresh the domestic record of large pipe diameter excavation. Due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks of the project, several expert demonstrations were held during the period. “Peizhi No.1” took only months from design to completion, which once again refreshed Tangxing Equipment's record of creating new high-end pipe jacking engineering equipment. "Peizhi No. 1" integrates the functions of excavation, slag discharge, guidance, and pressure operation pen. The air pressure operation guarantee system is equipped with pressure adjustment, pressure detection, communication, and filtering functions, which can maximize the safety of personnel during construction.


After the equipment is completed, it will be used in the Tangxun Lake sewage treatment pipeline project, mainly to reduce pollution into the lake. After completion, the tail water will be discharged from the sewage treatment plant to Donggang, and then transferred to the Xunsi River before entering the Yangze River. The entire project eliminates the threat of surrounding pollution and speeds up the comprehensive treatment project of the Tangxun Lake water environment. Tangxing Equipment will also uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, provide high-quality services throughout the life cycle for the pipe jacking machine, contribute to the early completion of the project, and the comprehensive treatment of the water environment in Wuhan, and contribute to the strength of Tangxing people.


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