China's 1st micro pipe jacking

  • 2021-07-08

  • operation department


26th June 2021,China's first micro pipe jacking machine for extremely hard rock condition completed the project ahead of schedule. The 1350 pipe jacking machine was used in the mountain-crossing pipe jacking project constructed by Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Company,with a total length of 320 meters. The smooth completion of the project also laid a solid foundation for subsequent crude oil transportation.



1350 Dongdong Line Mountain Pipe Jacking Project was implemented in an extremely hard rock condition, formation with mixed granite. The average uniaxial compressive strength is 220 MPa, and the CAI abrasion coefficient 3-4, which is highly abrasive. Tangxing Equipment 's technicians  overcame difficulties and completed foundational designs such as heavy duty cutter-head, reliable mainframe and multi-level reinforcement measures. It effectively solves a series of construction problems such as long-distance tunneling in extremely hard rock, efficient rock breaking, and difficulty in changing cutter-heads, and provides a strong guarantee for the mountain tunnel section to pass through and the project to be completed smoothly.



Tangxing Equipment has more than 100 successful hard rock tunneling projects, representing the most advanced hard rock pipe jacking technology. In hard rock tunneling projects, Tangxing Equipment always represents high performance, high quality and breakthrough success, changing the traditional concept of the industry and creating a new future of hard rock tunneling.



This is just a microcosm of the scientific and technological research and development achievements of Tangxing Equipment. Whether it is hard rock, soft soil or composite geology, Tangxing Equipment has been on the road of pipe jacking technology, forging ahead and winning the future.Tangxing Equipment will continue to carry out technological innovation, uphold the spirit of tenacious struggle, and use practical actions to present the centenary of the founding of the party and march  towards the goal of the second centenary.

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