New Achievement on Rock Rescue

  • 2021-02-13

  • operation department


Tangxing Machinery’s 3m rock crushing pipe jacking machine successfully rescued trapped equipment during the second phase of the water environment improvement project (water quality assurance) of the The River Basin, and completed the rescue mission. In tunnel boring industry, the same type of rescue projects is relatively rare. This project is a representative tunnel boring project in composite stratum (clay and hard rock), which has accumulated successful experience for other tunnel boring construction rescue projects.



Construction Challenge:

The rescue stratum is full-face slightly weathered granite, with rock hardness as high as 170MPa, extremely narrow connection dimension error, and stringent requirements for axis deviation. Strict requirements on equipment stability on hard rock condition.


High requirements for construction technology, it is necessary to adjust the construction process according to the changes of the geological condition, and finally achieve a reasonable configuration, in order to ensure that there is no abnormal change in the excavation data.



In the second phase of the excavation, the initial construction was carried out with a 3m rock pipe jacking machine from another company. The hard rock was encountered when boring to 210 meters. The pipe jacking machine was hardly bored forward 10 meters only, it was eventually stagnated. The construction organization was forced to fail the excavation project.



Afterwards, Shenzhen Ruidingfeng Construction Company went to the construction site for rescue. From December 21st , 2020, Tangxing Machinery’s 3m rock crushing pipe jacking machine was used to excavate reversely from the receiving shaft. Tangxing pipe jacking machine broke through 110 meters in 36 days. On January 27th , 2021, it was perfectly connected with the trapped equipment. The trapped equipment was successfully released and can continue to boring forward. This rescue reduced losses of approximately 5 million yuan to the construction organization



Quality is the key to company, and Tangxing is committed to creating high-quality products. The hard rock pipe jacking machine by Tangxing leads high-performance, high-quality and breakthrough hard-rock tunneling technology, and fulfills the motto of “Prosperous China·Vigorous Tangxing.”

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