“Mengshuixian One”

  • 2021-03-01

  • operation department


On March 1st , pipe jacking machine "Menshuixian One" of Tangxing Machinery broke through the first section of the DN3500 cable tunnel project of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, with a total length of 268 meters.




The geological condition is very complex, formed from clay, mudstone and granite, and the project passes through the downtown area, which requires extremely high  mechanical integrity of the pipe jacking machine.



In order to adapt to different geological conditions and improve the efficiency of excavation, Tangxing Machinery has customized a four-spoke four-panel composite hard rock cutter head for long-distance and complex geological condition by relying on the mature design and manufacturing technology of large-diameter pipe jacking machine, which provides a strong guarantee for the project. The center of the cutter head is equipped with a large slag inlet and multiple mud flushing ports to improve the fluidity of the slag and effectively, preventing the soft soil from clogging the cutter head. In the 140Mpa hard rock section, based on the fundamental design principles of cutter head overturning moment, radial imbalance, center of mass offset, etc., and innovative technologies such as the linear arrangement of hobs and the angular spacing of hobs, while ensuring the rock breaking efficiency, and effectively reduces cutter head vibration and hob wear.



With ten years of development and ten years of accumulation, Tangxing Machinery has brighten up the future of tunnel industry, penetrated the underground world, and continued to lead the high-performance and high-quality tunnel boring technology.


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