Hard Rock Tunnel Boring

  • 2020-11-24

  • operation department

pipe jacking machine "Yanqingxi Three" of Tangxing Machinery broke through the first section of Shenzhen water environment improvement project of the The River Basin executed by China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd , with a total length of 268 meters. The breakthrough leaded to a new achievement on Shenzhen environment improvement progress.



The project used a 3000 mm pipe jacking machine. The geological condition is complicated, the first section need to pass through is the slightly weathered granite stratum. The average rock strength is 160Mpa, and the highest value is about 200Mpa, which is equivalent to excavate on the steel.



The excavation was covering on the geological condition with high rock strength, contained large amount of quartz which could cause abrasiveness to the cutter head. Tangxing Equipment customized a hard rock pipe jacking machine adopts the following technologies:

Advanced displacement shearing cone secondary crushing technology

High pressure-bearing sealing technology

High-efficiency muddy water scouring anti-locked technology

New cutter head stuck-prevention technology

For hard granite, the cutter head is designed with a heavy-duty and large-size hob. The cutting edge shape of the cutter ring is customized and the cutter spacing is optimized, thereby the rock breaking capacity and working life of the cutter head have been effectively improved.



Tangxing Equipment provides a one-stop service from pre-planning, design and R&D, manufacturing, to after-sales service. With the joint efforts of the construction team and China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corporation , the first stage has been successfully completed.


At present, the hard rock pipe jacking machine produced by Tangxing leads high-performance, high-quality and breakthrough hard rock tunneling technology, creating a new realm of hard rock tunnel machine, and fulfilling the slogan of "Prosperous China, Vigorous Tangxing".





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