Lu'an Water Environment Project

  • 2022-03-18

  • operation department

Name: Lu'an Water Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project

Location: The address is located 60 meters downstream of Shouchun Road Bridge, from the sewage pipeline of Landscape Avenue in the west to the intersection of Shouchun Road and Pihe North Road in the east.

Date: start from September 25, 2021

Equipment: 1350 rock MTBM

Jacking distance: across the Pi River, the single jacking distance is 1050 meters

Geological conditions: medium-coarse sand mixed gravel layer, strongly weathered sandstone layer, moderately weathered sandstone and other strata

Significance: After the end of the pipe jacking in mid-December, the construction of the internal process pipeline of the third node will begin, and the project is expected to be put into use before the Spring Festival. After completion, it will connect the sewage and sludge disposal channels in the east and west areas of the Pihe River in the north of Lu'an City, solve the problem of domestic and production sewage purification and treatment for 180,000 residents within about 20 square kilometers of the Pingqiao Industrial Park and the Hexi area, and help prevent urban waterlogging. 






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