Fuzhou Metro Line 4 Project

  • 2023-03-24

  • Operation Department

Date: August 2022
location: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Equipment: Tangxing RPB 5000*7000mm rectangular pipe jacking machine
Project Type: Fuzhou Metro
Geology: Mainly silt formations
Jacking Distance: 70.1 meters
Challenges: The pipe jacking section at the No. 2 entrance of Dongmen Station is located on Dongda Road, a prosperous area with complex surrounding environment, dense buildings, narrow construction work area, intricate underground pipelines, and without open-trench conditions; The soil is soft and easily deformed, which has a great influence on the control of land subsidence.
Significance: This is the first project of Fuzhou metro transit to use pipe jacking construction. The pipe jacking section of the No. 2 entrance Dongmen Station adopts the trenchless technology. The pipe jacking launching shaft located at the metro entrance , crosses the East Waterway obliquely, and excavates towards the receiving shaft in the direction of Dongda Road. It is expected to complete the excavation task of the pipe jacking section in mid-October.

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