Tangxing Technology Team-building Tour of “Hangzhou-Song Cheng”

  • 2023-10-24

  • Operation Department

The golden autumn brings the cool air, and the scenery of yellow flowers is beautiful! In order to thank employees for their hard work in the past year, Tangxing Technology organized a “Hangzhou-Song Cheng” three-day tour team building activity in batches from October 15th to 21st, 2023. This event aims to enhance Tangxing Technology's team cohesion, enrich people's cultural life, and enhance employees' work enthusiasm.


The first day: Hupao Spring—Qinghefang

After dining in Hangzhou, the employees took a bus to the first scenic spot of the team building—Hupao Spring. It is said that Hupao Spring got its name from two white tigers digging into the ground to make holes and gushing spring water. There are long pine trees and green springs here. The lush greenery washes away everyone's fatigue on the road and makes people feel relaxed and happy. After leaving Hupao Spring, we took a bus to Qinghefang, an ancient street with a long history and profound cultural heritage. Qinghefang is an imperial street of the Southern Song Dynasty, carrying the long civilization of Hangzhou people. Why not have fun strolling on Qinghefang and tasting Hangzhou delicacies.


The next day: The West Lake - Song Cheng

The West Lake may be compared to Beauty of the West. Makeup, light or heavy, either way appropriate. On the second day of team building, everyone came to the picturesque West Lake. Or stroll along the Su Causeway, or take a boat trip on the lake. Accompanied by the refreshing fragrance of sweet olive, admiring the beautiful scenery of The West Lake, people forget the hustle and bustle of the city and let their thoughts disappear. After leaving The West Lake, the employees took a bus to "Song Cheng", which recreated the style of the ancient city in the Song Dynasty. Walking there feels like traveling through time and space to a thousand years ago. Here, employees of Tangxing Technology watched the large-scale musical "The Romance Of The Song Dynasty", and the beautiful and exquisite performance made people forget to leave.


The third day: Klippe Ling Yin—LingYin Temple


On the last day of team building in Hangzhou, everyone came to LingYin Temple, which has a history of 1,700 years. This thousand-year-old temple is full of incense, and employees burn incense to pray for blessings and understand Buddhist culture. With the shadows of trees and the melodious Sanskrit sounds, the trip to LingYin Temple also brought everyone a spiritual baptism.


During this team-building tour of “Hangzhou-Song Cheng”, employees of Tangxing Technology enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou and appreciated the thousand-year-old culture. This event promoted communication and collaboration among employees and enhanced the cohesion of the company. In the days to come, everyone will definitely devote themselves to work with greater enthusiasm and contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the company.

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