Foshan Urban Metro Transit Line 3 Project

  • 2023-03-24

  • Operation Department

Date: November 2022
Location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Project Type: Metro transit
Project Name: Foshan Urban Metro Transit Line 3 Project
Equipment: Tangxing RPB 5000*7000mm earth pressure balance rectangular pipe jacking machine
Geology: Clay
Jacking Distance: About 100 meters in total
Difficulties: Large excavation diameter, high monitoring level requirements, narrow construction site
Significance: Line 3 is the second line of Foshan metro, and also the longest line in Foshan. It starts from Shunde Station in the south and ends at Science and Technology College Station in the north. The route is about 6.5 km, and there are 36 stations in total, among which there are 6 stations in the Chancheng section (Wanhua Station, Shencun Station, TV Tower Station, Zhen'an Station, Zhongshan Park Station, and Railway Station), which run through the north and south of Foshan.

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