Tangxing Equipment Customer Day

  • 2021-07-07

  • operation department

On 23rd May, more than 40 customers from 29 trenchless engineering companies from the central and southern regions of Anhui gathered in Tangxing to participate in the Tangxing Be With You ‘Customer Day’ initiated by Tangxing Equipment.



In the morning, all customers visited the simulated construction site, various processing workshops, training schools and corporate control centers, and fully understood Tangxing’s mature equipment production line, industry-leading technical level, strict quality control, professional technical personnel, and safe Production environment and complete supporting facilities.




At the afternoon meeting, the chairman of the company Mr. Tang Suwen firstly gave a speech on behalf of the company to express his sincere gratitude to all the guests for their long-term support to Tangxing Equipment, and then the company’s deputy general manager Mr.Tang Fei introduced the past, present and future of Tangxing to customers in an all-round way. And through the ‘Impression of the Tangxing’ section, to show them the current technical strength of Tangxing Equipment; a trenchless equipment industrial park integrating intelligent demonstration factories and domestic frontier comprehensive industrial bases. And Tangxing Hefei branch is mainly focus on technology research and big data collective, and the Malaysian base is responsible for  the oversea manufacturing and maintenance.



Starting from industry anxiety and Tang Xing’s consideration, company consultant Mr.Hu Qingsheng explained to customers the current issues and future crises of the trenchless industry, and provided solutions from Tangxiang’s persepective.


Aiming at Tangxing’s series of products and iterative new products, the company’s technical director Mr. Yao Bao introduced the company’s current six series of integrated equipment for different geological requirements and related construction cases. At the same time, he introduced the six major features of the T10 enhanced series of pipe jacks in detail and objectively for the new products.



Director Mr. Jin Tao of the after-sales service department shared some typical project cases. He analyzed the main problems in the equipment construction process, put forward targeted solutions and personalized improvement measures to help customers successfully solve the construction problems.. Customers at the scene expressed their approval and recognition.

At the conference, the company conducted in-depth communication with customers on the technical innovation of mechanical pipe jacking, the development of regional services, and the exploration of new operating models. Customers asked questions and conveyed constructive suggestions. The company’s deputy general manager Mr. Bu Xiangjun addressed the customer’s questions and provided a professional solutions.


This event was carefully planned and arranged by Tangxing Equipment, aiming to let customers to understand and perceive Tangxing in depth, and truly felt the warmth of cooperate with Tangxing.


In just one day, more than ten places had been visited, and hours of sharing and communication, all of these showed the precision quality of Tangxing products, the excellence of Tangxing services, and the sincerity pursued by Tangxing.

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