Tangxing In Overseas Conferences

  • 2019-06-21

  • operation department

In June, the Tangxing Equipment delegation brought Tangxing pipe jacking equipment and pipe jacking machine models to conferences such as Thailand Water Expo and China Brands Fair (Central & Eastern Europe) Hungary, in order to continue to promote Tangxing Equipment’s technology and equipment to the international market.


The Tangxing Equipment delegation also illustrated the excavation process of the pipe jacking construction to the customers. Through this conference, we not only gained many potential contractors, but also communicated and learned mutually between the two sides, and explored more trenchless knowledge.


During the conference, customers from Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe gathered in front of one of the Tangxing Equipment’s pipe jacking machine model, and showed great interest in our products.


Through the introduction by Tangxing’s staff, the merchants were familiar with the latest developments of Tangxing Equipment's various pipe jacking equipment and the development of China's trenchless business, and expressed their warm welcome to Tangxing Equipment's entry into Hungary.


Facing the global market, as an enterprise, we should strengthen our independent innovation capability and improve core competitiveness. Achieve quality and efficiency upgrades, and provide new impetus for the sustainable development of trenchless industries and enterprises.




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