2019 Annual Meeting Special

  • 2019-02-23

  • operation department

2018 is a year for Tangxing to forge ahead; 2018 is a year for all Tangxing people to work hard and work together. The old year is over, the new year is here, and the 2019 Chinese New Year is coming slowly. On February 1, 2019, at the Guyang International Hotel in Huainan, Tangxing Machinery's 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Spring Festival Gala were grandly held here.


The grand blueprint has been drawn for 2019 to cross the peak of concentration


The half-time of the annual meeting was the summary plan and commendation session, which was presided over by Assistant General Manager Tang Fei.

Picture: Assistant General Manager Tang Fei delivering a speech


After Mr. Tang Fei's welcome speech, three executives, Tang Suwen, general manager of Tang Xing, Ma Yunshu, marketing director, and Tang Ximing, production director, made a comprehensive and objective summary of Tangxing's development in the past year and the development plan and work ideas for 2019. It depicts Tangxing's beautiful blueprint.

Picture: Production Director Tang Ximing delivering a speech

Picture: Ma Yunshu, Marketing Director delivering a speech


Mr. Tang Suwen, general manager of Tang Xing, delivered a speech. First of all, he expressed his gratitude and New Year wishes to the hard-working employees and their families, customers and partners, as well as friends from all walks of life. In the new year, Tangxing will focus on: good product quality, advanced technology, and good service - the "three-point" strategy, focus on the trenchless field, take the principle of customer first, comprehensively improve the ability to serve customers, and create a credible High quality product.

Picture: General Manager Tang Suwen delivering a speech


In the face of the changing situation of the new competition pattern across the country and the world, how can Tangxing Machinery improve its competitiveness? How to embrace the opportunity to create more brilliant? How to meet the challenges and ensure the company's development? General Manager Tang Suwen quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping's words: "Reform and opening up will always be in progress." The only constant is change, innovation. In the new year, Tang Xing will continue to deepen the reform, and continue to set sail to the sea through strategic focus, innovative thinking and a more open attitude. The dream of "becoming a global non-excavation iconic enterprise" is moving forward!

Next, enter everyone's long-awaited-the awarding session: "Technical Experts", "Excellent Employees", "Excellent Team", "Friendly Partners", "Excellent Suppliers" and a total of 18 awards. Effort and contribution are acknowledged. At the same time, it also commended the employees who have been with Tangxing for ten years and shared the wind and rain, and thanked them for their loyal companionship and selfless dedication.


With the end of the first half in a warm atmosphere, the annual meeting entered the second half. The program of the annual meeting and the lucky draw will be staged in turn.


A lively and cheerful music sounded the opening dance "A Family Who Loves Each Other"


Instantly ignited the atmosphere of the audience, showing the vigor of Tangxing people!


In addition to the work, Tangxing people is versatile, can talk and sing crosstalk performance "I am a big director", which attracted laughter from the audience


When it comes to "singing" the song program "The Rest of Your Life" sung by Tang Ximing has the right to speak for the rest of your life, the wind and snow are you, Spring is you, Summer Rain is also you... The lyrics are full of feelings that Tangxing people has for the company With a deep sense of belonging, Tang Xingren can not only speak and sing, but also perform the skit program "Safety Dream", which is humorous and funny, yet elegant and shows the true meaning. The protagonist in the sketch does not obey the commander's advice, does not accept the persuasion of the workers, is proud of his rich experience, and does not wear a helmet during construction. On the way to heaven, the remorse for our actions and the reluctance to our parents, wife and children reminded us: "When you enter the construction site, you must wear a helmet." In the lottery session, the party has repeatedly set off a climax. Not only 1-6 prizes are drawn, but all members of Tangxing play games online to win red envelopes. This annual meeting is becoming more and more "playable". The grand blueprint has been drawn for 2019. In the congratulations, the 2019 annual conference of Tangxing Machinery came to a successful conclusion. The trials and hardships experienced in the past year are imprinted in our hearts, engraved on the milestones of Tangxing's development, a new journey has begun, and new opportunities, new challenges, and new missions are waiting for us! The grand blueprint has been drawn, and we will work together to cross the peak. Let us create new brilliance at a new starting point! ! Twenty-seven years of wind and rain have brought Tangxing to its peak, near Lingshan and full of water, and the prosperous age has long been the success of the country, the strong and the enterprise. In 2019, full of hope and longing, I wish the country prosperity and prosperity! I wish Tangxing another brilliant future! I wish you all the best of luck, happiness and health! !




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