Good News From 2020 Conference

  • 2020-01-14

  • operation department

Good news


Recently, the company labor union has received good news one after another, and the company has received "National Advanced Organization for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs", "Model Organization for Standardized Construction of Grassroots Trade Unions in Anhui Province". Honorary titles such as "The Home of Model Workers in Anhui Province". In the middle of this year, the company won "Advanced Collective of Labor Competition in Anhui Province". As of December, the company labor union has won 4 honors above the provincial level in 2020.




In recent years, with the strong support of the Municipal Federation of Labor Unions and the Labor Union of Datong District, under the leadership of the company’s chairman Mr. Tang Suwen, and the powerful leadership of the labor union chairman Mr. Tang Fei, the company’s labor union has always unswervingly focused on the company’s production and operation as a priority. Serving employees as the purpose, repaying the society as its own duty, clarifying the tasks of the union,  comprehensively promoting the construction of the union organization and system, and giving full play to the role of the union organization as a bridge and link to closely contact the employees.


Great progress has been made in uniting people’s hearts, maintaining stability, promoting development, and enhancing the combat effectiveness of the workforce, allowing employees of the company to feel a sense of stability at work, a sense of physical and mental security, and a sense of accomplishment in their careers. The happiness of the extended family has laid a solid foundation for the sound and rapid development of Tangxing Equipment.



Give back to society


The company's labor union actively assumes social responsibilities. It never forgets to give back to the society in targeted poverty alleviation, the donation to school, and poverty alleviation, and always promotes positive social energy with positive corporate values.


Never forget the original intention


Honor can only represent the past, and we must keep moving forward without forgetting the original intention. The company's labor union will continue to focus on serving the country, performing its duties wholeheartedly, and work hard, adhere to focus on the main responsibilities and main businesses, improve work efficiency, stimulate vitality, and continue to meet the needs of the rapid development of Tangxing Equipment and the employees' yearning for a better life. To create a new situation in the cause of the Tangxing Equipment Trade Union.





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