The φ1350HRC in India

  • 2016-12-12

  • operation department

On December 8th to 9th , 2016, India International Trenchless Technology Conference was held in New Delhi. The 1350 rock pipe jacking machine developed independently by Tangxing Machinery was unveiled at the Conference:



With the vigorous construction of underground engineering and the development of the trenchless technology industry, the application of trenchless technology has become a major market. Tangxing Machinery has been actively participating in the international trenchless technology conference and has continuously shown a large number of trenchless excavating equipment to the world. A large number of technical publications and reference manuals were issued, and seminars and workshops were held at the same time. Strengthen communication and broaden horizons through international platforms.


Looking back at the major international conference in recent years, we can always find Tangxing, and also witness the rapid development and continuous innovation of Tangxing Machinery. The cooperation and exchanges and fierce competition between industries in the exhibition have also lead to the conference become one of the most active and innovative frontiers of competition in the international market.


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