115 Team Meeting of Hefei Branch

  • 2021-07-26

  • h

Time: 2021.3.24 (Wednesday) 9:30-12:00 Venue: Meeting Room of Hefei Branch

Participants: Tang Fei, Hu Qingsheng, Zhai Hua, Tang Chengyang, Lu Qingzhou, Ding Xu, Wang Xiao, Wang Changkun, Jin Yushuai, Zhang Wenbing, Yao Chengbiao Meeting  





Rectangular pipe jacking machine industrial control system follow-up research and development work arrangement and previous 1350 industrial control system research and development work summary

Establish the R&D plan and personnel arrangement of the pipe jacking machine guidance system project

Preparatory work for the R&D center of Hefei Branch


Content of meeting:

This meeting was presided over by Tang Fei, who clarified the R&D tasks of the industrial control system of the rectangular pipe jacking machine and the R&D work of the pipe jacking guidance system, and made specific divisions and arrangements for the work of related personnel; Prepare for the establishment and exchange opinions with Dean Zhai, and discuss preliminary cooperation methods and preliminary work.


1.R&D project of industrial control system for rectangular pipe jacking machine

2.R&D plan for pipe jacking machine guide system

3.Cooperation plans in other directions

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