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Technical Parameters:

Time :Jan.20.2017    
Address: Reclamation bay of Shenzhen
Project: Shenzhen Hesby Pipe Jacking Project  
Diameter :2200mm
Material of pipe:RCP  
Soil condition: Gravel clay,sand ,construction waste

      The Hesby pipe-jacking project is located in the Reclamation area of Shenzhen Bay, which is the key project of Shenzhen "Water treatment and quality improvement", which is of great significance to the improvement of the water environment of Shenzhen Bay.The project will open a 400.7 meter long pipe-jacking tunnel between the Hesby Shipyard and the Rose Garden area in the South China Sea, build four working shafts , install two sets of gate wells, an integrated pumping station and a 327m underground pipe that were constructed by the way of the integrated sewage pumping station to improve the dry season sewage interception to municipal sewage system, thus ensuring the sustainable development of Shenzhen Bay.

      The pipe jacking tunnel of this project is constructed by 1350 compound cutter head rock jacking machine, which is independently developed and produced by Tangxing Company. The tunnel's inner diameter is 1.26 meters, the soil condition of tunnel passes through is mainly the gravel clayey soil, sand,construction waste . Since tunneling, Tangxing technical team has worked out detailed construction organization measures with Hesby pipe-jacking project department, continuously optimized technical scheme, adjusted operator, machine,tools reasonably and so on. Increasing the frequency of monitoring and measuring, dynamically adjusting the driving parameters of pipe-jacking, ensuring the engineering safety, quality, progress and other indicators controlled.

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