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Hydraulic pump station is the system which is composed of motor, hydraulic pump, valve set, integrated block and oil tank, oil pipe, the strainer, and many other accessories, converts mechanical energy to pressure energy into  outward to the actuator,--hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor depends on the motor drives the oil pump.Do work outwards by executive components to  convert pressure energy to mechanical energy.

Users to buy actuator of hydraulic pump station and host (oil cylinder and oil motor) tubing is linked together, actuators can be realized, the work of the various cycles.

Control of the hydraulic pump station can be divided into manual control and electric control.Manual control is through the staff operating the direction valve to realize the action of hydraulic actuators;Electric control is through the action button and automatic control system for complete control of the actuator.Need power distribution box or manual control box, electric control configuration control cabinet.

Technical Parameters:

Hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic pump station is an independent hydraulic equipment.Hydraulic pump station to oil supply, according to the requirements of the host and automatic or manual control oil flow direction, pressure and flow, can well match the actuator of hydraulic equipment (cylinder or oil motor).Implementation of the actuator, the working cycle of the various requirements.

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