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Main Jacking Cylinder


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The main top technical characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder:
1, the hydraulic oil cylinder material USES 45 # quality carbon steel and 27 simn high quality alloy steel, high strength, impact resistance, etc.

2, the working temperature of hydraulic oil cylinder range can reach - 40 ~ 100 ℃, its long life in operation after 6000 hours without any fault.
3, the hydraulic cylinder seal components imported Austria (DMH) group brand oil seal.Taiwan tripod can be configured according to customer's requirements, and the United States parker brand.

Technical Parameters:

  Hydraulic cylinder is  the actuator converts the  hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, acts linear reciprocating  or swinging movement .It is reliable and simple in structure.Able to realize reciprocating motion without the speed reducer,  no transmission clearance and running smoothly, thus is widely used in all kinds of mechanical hydraulic system.The output force of hydraulic cylinder  is directly proportional to the effective piston area and the pressure differential on both sides ;Hydraulic cylinder basically consists of the cylinder barrel, the cylinder head, piston,piston rod, sealing device, the buffer device, and the exhaust device. Necessity of the buffer device and the exhaust device depending on the specific application occasion, but the rest of  devices are essential.

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