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Design concept
1. Market-oriented, user-oriented design
designed according to customer demand : detachable,non detachable, replaceable and adjustable sealing .
2.High performance price ratio
The ontology of the intermediate jacking station ,supporting cylinder and the hydraulic pump station are totally made in our factory , quality of products and performance price ratio are guaranteed, excellent quality of after-sales service is committed .
3. The product life-cycle design
Consider not only the design, manufacture, installation and operation, but also maintenance, repair, and parts of secondary use, etc.
4. Design method based on the  knowledge of product characteristics 
Make full use of the knowledge and experience from designing field  and  experts, to complete the design based on presented  knowledge, and then choose the best design scheme according to customer's requirements , the actual work and the working condition.

Technical Parameters:

Intermediate Station
Item Parameter Item Parameter
Cylinder Diameter φ140mm Min Length 1000mm
Axis Diameter φ80 mm Max length 1300mm
Cylinder Stroke 300mm    
Rated Power 32Mpa    
Cylinder Standard QC/T460-2010    
Cylinder amount 36 pcs    
Total Thrust 1800t    

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