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Φ1200mm Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine



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●Designed for all kinds of ground conditions, especially silt and sand. 
●Stable construction excavation face; low construction disturbance to surrounding soil;low ground settlement.
●Independent water injection,grouting and cutter cleaning apparatus which is suitable for hard soil of high N value.
●Slurry pipeline promises the construction safety of the working shaft.
●Working continuously,high jacking speed.
●Remote control operation on the ground, fully automatic response within the head.

Technical Parameters:

φ1600mm Slurry Balance Pipe jacking machine
Pipe Jacking Machine
Pipe Jacking Machine OD(MM) ¢1460
Length (MM) 3600
Cutter Disc
Cutter Head Motor Power(KW*QTY) 15*2
Revolution Speed (RPM) 4.3
Torque (KN.M) 220
Correcting System
Cylinder No. (PCS) 4
Thrust (T*QTY)  63*4
Max. Correcting Angle (°) 2.7
Pump Station Motor Power (KW) 2.2
Slurry Pipe Diameter (INCH) 4
Machine Total Power (KW)  34
Jacking Cylinder
Total Thrust (T) 200*2
Total No. (PCS) 2
Stroke(MM) 2500/3000/3500
Control Remote PLC Control(Touch Screen)
Soil Soft Soil 

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