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Trenchless Arabia Conference and Exhibition with 5th Arab Water Week!

Date:2019-03-04 14:04:32

     1st Trenchless Arabia and 5th Arab Water Week be hold in King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center on 3th.Mar to 5th.Mar.2019.In the Dead sea of Jordan, where the lowest altitude of the world,CSTT& Tangxing share the trenchless technology and experience with the friends of Arabia countries ,and with our best wishes:let the pipeline network extend freely,connect the beautiful life for mankind.
     This Trenchless Exhibition is the premier event in the non-excavation area of ​​the Arab region and will be held in conjunction with the Fifth Arab Water Exhibition in 2019. The organizer of the conference is the  'Arab Countries Water Utilities Association(ACWUA)" , which was funded by the Jordan Water and Irrigation Department, Jordan Water Company, Aquaba Water Company, Kuwait Ministry of Water and Electricity, Saudi National Water Company, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority, Sharjah Hydropower Bureau, Bahrain Hydropower Bureau, Egypt Water Supply and Drainage Company, Algeria Water Company and other units.
     The conference aims to promote CCTV inspection and leak detection technology, ground penetrating radar (GPR), CIPP, seamless lining, horizontal directional drilling, pipe jacking, squib, auger drilling, micro-tunneling and other non-excavation techniques. Application and promotion in the Arab region. The audience is mainly from 18 countries in the Arab region, including: Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Moro Sultan, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Turkey and other countries.
      Exhibits: Professional equipment and technology demonstrations involving trenchless technology in water, power, gas and communications infrastructure; eg horizontal directional drilling, micro tunnel/pipe jacking technology, pipeline replacement and repair, pipeline inspection, cleaning, underground Pipeline detection and other equipment and technology research and development institutions.


Mr Yan,the president of CSTT with our company together attend this conference, discuss with Mr H.E.ENG Khaldon(General Secretary of the arabic water association) about the opening ceremony and take picture .
  Our booth No. is 10 in this exhibition,we introduce trenchless equipment-pipe jacking machine to customers and communicate trenchless technology with professional expert by shown our products information and new pipe jacking model during exhibition.

       After the the exhibition, the General-Secretary of the Arab water association with the representative of Tangxing&CSTT  communicated about the lackless of water resourses in the  sponge city of the Middle East and the needs of the corresponding remediation.Meanwhile he stated that need  the trenchless technology guidance and equipment  support of China. China representative introduced the technical strength of  Anhui Tangxing Trenchless Technology Training Institution,equipment services and stated that the professional consult and cooperation can be provided as needed.