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Trenchless Aisa 2018 2018-07-02

10th International Exhibition and Conference on Trenchless Technology

φ1200mm Rock pipe jacking machine delivered to Singapore 2018-07-02

4th, March, 2018,φ1200mm Rock pipe jacking machineapplicated for heterogeneous soil condition with sand, clay,

The 10th Middle East (Dubai) International... 2017-03-01

The 10th Middle East (Dubai) International trenchless technology exhibition was held at the Zhu Mei Beach Co

The improved compound type of slurry-earth... 2017-07-07

On 16th, June, 2017, the improved compound type of slurry-earth balance pipe jacking machine rolled off the p

Thiland Customer Visit Compnay 2017-04-14

14th Oct 2016,Customers from Thiland visit our company

India international exhibition of trenchless technology in 2015 2016-06-11

In 2015 India international exhibition of trenchless technology blacklist,The international exhibition of trenchless